Butterfly Garden

As I mentioned in my last post, we’re trying to figure out some ways to cut costs and afford this year of “living dangerously.” We live in an apartment in Los Angeles, which presents challenges when you want to grow your own food, but we approached our landlord about getting a little plot of land, and…

We got a garden!

The landlord had actually fenced off a section, tilled it and had started some plants. He said that he would leave in the plants that we wanted and move the rest, even providing our soil! Now we have to figure out what to grow in our little 12 x 12 plot.

Who’s got a good resource for figuring out what to grow seasonally in L.A.?


4 thoughts on “Butterfly Garden

  1. How awesome is that? Hmmm… Honestly, this late in the season I wouldn’t know what to plant. Try going to Lowe’s or Home Depot though. They will definitely know what to plant and give you tips on how to do it! Best of luck and post some pics of the garden!

  2. We found in our garden that even when things were “out of season” they still grew with sun & water and a good organic fertilizer. I planted lettuce and tomatoes and things to eat, but let Zoe plant large, quick-sprouting seeds for fun & learning: sunflowers, pumpkins, beets, peas. They come up in a week. Super exciting! Good luck! Artichokes are easy & beautiful.

    • Oh, those are great ideas! How did you keep the pumpkins from taking over? I hear they can get a little greedy with the real estate! Mmmmm. Artichokes. Grilled. Yum. 🙂

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