Less than two weeks!

Wondering where I’ve been? Perhaps the several days since my last post might lead you to believe that I’ve been getting ready for my upcoming adventure – and you would be right!

With only 13 shopping days between now and the first day of homeschool, I’m feeling mostly prepared. Next week I’ll take a 1/2 day and just loosely plan out the first two weeks. Everything I’ve heard and read suggests planning, but giving yourself some latitude when you first start out, because you aren’t sure exactly what the rhythm feels like, yet. 

We are going to focus on the “academics” in the morning and after lunch, we’ll do the P.E./art/field trip/cooking/library/foreign language type of activity. There are often times that Butterfly can’t stay seated after lunch (which is one of the the things for which she was consistently written up in mainstream school), so we might as well plan for things that allow for movement to give her every chance to actually engage learning, instead of spending all of her energy trying to stay seated. 

I’ve been attending an online homeschooling EXPO this week (http://schoolhouseexpo.com/) and it has helped me to organize some things, both mentally and physically. It was also good to be reminded that my daughter’s learning style and temperament are different than mine and that I need to adjust my teaching style for her. This is one of the areas that scared me away from even considering homeschooling in the first place, but I feel like I have some resources to help keep me from getting as frustrated as I might have previously been.

Well, I’m off to start working on some of the details and organization – starting with our wheeled “Art Bin” that has a plethora of art supplies that are needing a nice culling and straightening so we don’t spend out first day doing chores!


One Month!

Today marks the 1-month mark until we begin school at home!

We’re mostly set for curriculum (I’ll do a post on how we selected soon), with the exception of our Math and Foreign Language. We’re looking at Singapore Math (trying to find a good deal on that one) and Rosetta Stone German. If anyone has a good (frugal) source for either of those, please let me know.

Our next steps will be:

  • create our logo and letterhead,
  • submit the Withdrawal and Records Transfer Letter,
  • re-organize the desk in the girls’ room,
  • fill out the first two weeks of our planners (I purchased one for me and one for Butterfly),
  • determine which plants to get for the first week of gardening,
  • organize the materials for our arts course, and
  • plan our daily cooking classes.

I’ll be leaving my full-time job at the end of this coming week, so I’ll have some time to get this together before camp is over and school begins. 

Ever have that moment where you think you might have forgotten something as you are heading out on vacation? I’ll totally admit that I’m having a bit of that feeling right now. But I’m sure it will all work out…

Until then, we enjoy the rest of summer.