Wait, I have to do this every day? (Day 2)

You know that thing they talk about called “The Honeymoon Period?” Doesn’t that last for a little while? Like, more than…

A DAY???

Well, whatever it is supposed to be, it was on Day 2 that the novelty started to wear off for Butterfly and she realized that there was some work to be done.

And she didn’t want to do it.

And that sort of didn’t make me want to do it either.


We had to go to our separate rooms for a little while to adjust our attitudes. And cool off, because it was literally 86 degrees in our home (we have no real air conditioning in our apartment).

I had made a mistake and took her to a cooler location to do some work, but, as happens any time she is around other people, she took up her job of #1 Stare-at-people Person, and any hope of focusing was out of question.

So I learned.

And prayed for cooler weather.

And was thankful that I had planned in pencil, because I had to erase and adjust a lot that day.