Cooler heads prevail (Day 4)

So, the temperature dropped (YAY!) and this meant that Butterfly and I slept in for a bit today.

Well, SHE slept in. This was the first time I had been up and “by myself” in the morning for a while, so I made coffee, checked my e-mail, planned meals for the week, did dishes, got all of our supplies together for the day and by the time she was awake – voilĂ ! – I was a regulated, calm human person.

Did I mention I hate mornings? Oh, I hate mornings. Until I had kids, I would sleep until the last possible minute and my husband always left early to give me my space because I am not a nice person in the morning. I pretty much hate everyone. Now, I know hate is a strong word. But it is the correct word in this place. More than once, my loving, totally morning-person husband would wake me up and I would, halfway asleep (but still able to speak coherently), clearly state “I hate everyone. I hate the world.” Poor thing.

But now that I have children, I have had to learn to mostly ignore that part of me that wishes that all of creation would leave me alone until about 9:30am. Because the kids…well…they like to get up EARLY. And they want you to be part of every moment of their waking life. And “go back to bed” doesn’t really work. I’ve tried it. I can feel them wistfully staring at the doorway, just waiting for me to roll over so they can yell, “We know you are awake.”

They kind of remind me of our cats.

But I digress.

Butterfly doesn’t usually like mornings, either, but she doesn’t want to be alone once she is awake, so this was a treat of a morning, and the cooler weather helped us to have a nice day together.

We even got to use our linking blocks for some math!