Want to Support Us?

The part that gets complicated is that I have to quit my well-paying and greatly-benefited job to stay home and provide her with the intensive therapy and homeschooling that she needs. That means we will be losing 58% of our income, and we’ll face an increase in health benefit costs through my husband’s non-profit job.

We’re ready to make many changes to give our daughter what she needs to heal and develop the parts of her that didn’t get to while she was in the system, but as much as we cut back and adjust our lifestyle, we’re going to need some help. $10,000 won’t replace a large part of my salary, but with the cuts and changes that we are going to make, it will help ensure that we can keep some of the important therapeutic services that we need to help our girls.

So we’re turning to people like you who want to find ways to help folks who are trying to make things better. We’re appreciative of any support you can lend, and even if you just share our story with someone else, or say a prayer for us, we’d be grateful.



Your thoughts?

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